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2013 Season Opens September 20th!! We will not have Haunted Events in 2013, We will still have the Daytime and Nightime Corn Maze, Petting Zoo, Daytime Hayrides on Sat. & Sun, Bonfires and Concessions!!

   Fear Farm Closed for 2013
   Haunted Corn Field & Forest
   Maze of Terror and Black Hole 

 Corn Fun Family Farm, Corn Mazes, Haunted Fear Farm & Forest - 29 Mile & I-94, Casco MichiganThings You Need To Be Warned About 

  • Haunted Friday and Saturday Nights Only from Dusk 'till 11pm

  • If you aren't sure about the weather, call our weather hotline at (586) 365-9401

  • Hours of fun at one low price of $18

  • This is a Haunted Corn Field and Forest - You walk the trails so wear good shoes (not flipflops) and Enter At Your Own Risk - Not Recommended for Children

  • Our haunted event has almost 1 mile of pitch black trails, with only one way out!

  • Sorry, but there are absolutely no refunds. Only pay for entry if you are 100% positive you can handle it.

  • There is no smoking or flashlights allowed on in the haunted corn field you must put them in your pocket.

  • There are no rescue crews to come in and "save you" - Once you enter, you are on your own

  • Expect the worst

  • They are lurking in the corn field, waiting for you...

Hours & Pricing 

  • The Haunted Attractions are open on Friday & Saturday Nights Starting September 28th from dusk 'till 11pm. We accept Cash or Check at the door no cards accepted.

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  •   Admission

     Adults $18.00 (Includes Haunted activities, 2 mazes, courtyard & bonfire)
     Children 5 - 11   $16.00 (The flashlight maze is great for those not ready for the haunt)
     Kids under 5 FREE but not recommended



Q: How long will it take me to go through the maze?
A: It will take about 1/2 hour or more to complete the small maze and 1 hour or more to complete the large maze, so plan to spend at least 2 hours or more with us at the farm. During the haunted event the haunt itself takes about 30 - 40 minutes.

Q: How should we dress for the maze?
A: The maze is located in an open corn field so we suggest that you dress appropriately for the temperature and wear good comfortable walking shoes. Our trails are bumpy and you need to be careful when walking. Smaller children may appreciate a ride in a wagon. Use backpacks instead of strollers for babies and toddlers, or heavy duty strollers with big wheels.

Q: Do you have Restrooms?
A: There are portable restrooms and hand sanitizer available.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: At this time we can only accept cash payments, but we will accept checks for large groups.

Q: Are pets allowed in the maze?
A: We are sorry, but pets must be left at home. Of course, service animals are always allowed.

Q: Does the maze ever close due to weather?
A: The Mazes are only open weather permitting. Muddy ground conditions after rain storms could force them to stay closed even after the rain has stopped. Please call
(586) 365-9401 if you question the weather in our area. If we need to close for the day, a message will be left on the farm answering machine.

Q: Can I get lost in the maze and not be found?
A: No, we have never had anyone get lost in the maze...at least we don't think so :) We do supply each maze customer with a map to keep in their pocket if needed.

Q: Why can't I drink alcoholic beverages in the maze?
A: Because this is an alcohol free event. Folks, you need all of your full senses to go through the maze!

Q: Why can't I smoke in the maze?
A: Because smoking in the maze is a fire hazard and a fire marshal would shut us down if we let people smoke in the maze.

Q: When the maze is open during nighttime hours, do I need to bring a flashlight?
A: Yes, you need to bring a flashlight because the maze pathways are not lit up at night. We do sell glow sticks at the maze, and rent some flashlights but we have a very limited amount. Flashlights are not allowed in the haunted maze, you must put them in your pocket.

Q: When will the maze be haunted?
A: The maze will never be haunted but we have a seperate maze that is haunted on Friday and Saturday nights in October from dusk 'till 11pm.

Q: Do I have to go through the haunted part of the maze?
A: No, you may enjoy our 2 flashlight mazes during the haunted hours without entering the haunted events.

Q: Will the maze be haunted during daylight hours
A: No, the maze will only be haunted after dark, but both regular mazes are open all day long for your daytime enjoyment.

Q: How did you cut out the maze?
A: We hired a fantastic family from Idaho who own a company called Mazeplay to cut our maze, you can visit their website at
www.mazeplay.com. We also hired a local farmer Brian Kethe to plant our corn. Remember we are city folks, or at least we were!

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